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As part of a state-funded research initiative (the Montana Research & Economic Development Initiative, or MREDI) we present the results of a CO2-EOR Suitability Assessment conducted by Montana State University’s Energy Research Institute (MSU-ERI).

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Carbon Atlas

The Big Sky Partnership has geologic and terrestrial carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington. The new interactive map combines data layers from several sources to provide greater custom mapping functionality.

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Kevin Dome Atlas

BSCSP’s Kevin Dome project is one of several DOE Phase III Development projects with an intent to inject CO2 into a storage formation while validating site characterization, modeling and monitoring techniques. The Kevin Dome Atlas shares and displays some of the site characterization data.

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Mafic Atlas

Basalt formations are prevalent in the Big Sky region, and while less studied than other potential storage sites for CO2, they may play an important role in geologic CCS due to their unique geochemical and physical properties. Regionally, basalts offer significant long-term storage potential.

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